""VEDA'S PLACE" will go places where
"MILDRED PIERCE" did not!"

- Director, Glenn Rivera


Ever wonder what happened in the Joan Crawford masterpiece "Mildred Pierce" following Veda's completion of prison time?

Girly Goo Productions plans on bringing this story to the screen - with Dale Switzer as Mildred Pierce and Rita as Veda - how can the studio go wrong?

Watch for this saga in November 2005!




BLOODY HOLIDAY was originally released in 1977 - the story of a community terrorized
by a madman who is destined to rid the world of Halloween.
The film was shot in Super 8mm film but now has been newly edited and mastered as
a short-film that contains some shocks and terrifying events.


on November 13, 2004


girly goo would like to thank all the attendees of this grand premiere -
the film will be available for viewing at special screenings
please check this website for upcoming screenings

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